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on Retina Macs

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How it Works

RetinaCapture allows you to simultaneously take 1x and 2x screenshots on Retina Macs. It's also the perfect solution for taking smaller screenshots on Retina Macs.

Use Cases

Say you're working on a website and want to take screenshots that look their best on both Retina and non-Retina Macs.

RetinaCapture makes this easy by simultaneously taking a 1x and 2x resolution screenshot and saving both to a single directory. You can then use both with a HTML/CSS image set. The 1x screenshot is redrawn by macOS at the lower resolution, rather than scaled, so everything looks crisp.

RetinaCapture for macOS comparison screenshot

Crisp 1x screenshot taken
with RetinaCapture

RetinaCapture for macOS comparison screenshot

2x screenshot scaled
to 50% with Preview

Here is how a 1x screenshot captured by RetinaCapture compares to a 2x version scaled down manually to 50% with Preview. Notice the TV icon has much less artifacts around the edges.

Do you just want to share a single, non-Retina (1x) resolution image from your Retina Mac? RetinaCapture makes taking one a snap -- no more oversized screenshots.

Watch demo on YouTube
Watch demo of RetinaCapture on YouTube



We hate subscriptions as much as you do, so our business model is simple: RetinaCapture is a one-time purchase that costs as much as a cup of coffee in San Francisco. 🌁

We just want to remain self-employed and maintain the development of the app. Thanks for your support. ❤️

RetinaCapture requires macOS 10.15 "Catalina" or newer and is compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs

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Don't hesitate to email support at if you have any questions, bug reports or feature suggestions. We love hearing your feedback!